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Flooding has been a frequent occurrence in our country the last few years. When flooding happens raging waters inundate everything in its path. Homes, hospitals, schools, libraries, and businesses alike will suffer the water damage that flooding brings about. The devastation that flooding leaves behind is immense. It is often hard to know where to begin salvaging important documents and belongings. Businesses lose money when flooding has occurred because they have to shut down. Employees will be worried about taking care of their families and homes before they can help put a business back on its feet. Current projects, client lists, contracts, human resource information, and ad campaigns are often in some sort of paper form stored in files at the office of the business. It is a high priority to recover and restore these documents so that the business can go forward with its current work.

Business owners and their employees should wait for permission from a city official before reentering the office. See that the electricity and gas lines are turned off if there is any water standing in the building. When the okay is given make certain that everyone that goes in the building is wearing protective clothing such as rubber boots, gloves, coveralls, goggles and face masks.  There should be a disaster plan in place so that everyone knows what to recover first and how to go about salvaging the most important papers and other important items.

The business owner should call their business insurance provider and make a claim. The water damage should be recorded by video camera or a regular camera and written records should be kept of everything that is damaged as well as everything that the workers do to recover and restore items or the building itself. Once in the office have a capable person in charge to direct the recovery effort. Contact a paper restoration company so that the vital wet documents and files can be dealt with efficiently.  Find a place where you can have the documents taken to be frozen. Papers can start to develop mold and mildew within hours after a flood and freezing any papers that can't be dried out immediately will prevent or at least stop any mold growth from spreading.

The person in charge should assign people to assess the damage to different files. There should be people to remove the files that aren't wet and put them some place safe. Someone else should be assigned to document and throw away any unsalvageable files. Still other people should be given the task of prioritizing the most important files to pack for restoration, labeling and color coding these files first and then color code and label other files to be salvaged in descending order of importance. Lastly, there should be people ready to pack, tape, and label boxes full of these files so they can be taken to be restored right away if they are a top priority or taken to be frozen if they can be dealt with later. After this is done work can begin to restore and clean the water damage to the building itself. 

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