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Commercial Document Drying Service

One of the most distressing aspects of flood damage is the destruction it wreaks on our essential documents. Most folks keep files of significant documents such as property documents, guarantees, birth and death documentation, trusts, ss cards, and even ID's. When water damage comes about and soaks these papers it can be shocking and crushing. The fortunate information is that in some cases these documents can be rescued.

If your important papers get water damaged it is imperative that you move at a fast pace to take care of the situation. Take the documents and put wax paper between the pieces. If there are lots of pieces of wet paper that are stuck together don't make an effort to divide them. Place pieces of wax paper between the bundles. Then, put the piles of documents into plastic bags, seal them, and put them into the freezer. Now you have a chance to decide what to do to restore those important documents while avoiding any additional water damage.

Air-drying is the most cost effective way to dry the wet documents. Choose a room with lots of table and/or floor space. Run some fans in the room to keep the air circulating but make sure that they won't scatter the papers around. Take the documents out of the freezer a little at a time and place them around the room. Let them dehydrate very well.

Dehumidification is an option to dry your significant documents in your home. This way requires having sizeable dehumidifiers delivered to your home and set up in a area where it is workable to check temperature and moisture levels. The documents can be dried on shelves as the dehumidifiers draw water from the air and the documents as well.
Freeze drying is a second means for document drying. This process involves storing valuable papers in a commercial freezer for a number of months. After a time, the moisture in the documents is extracted and the papers dry out. There are professionals that come and pick up the documents and bring them to their facilities and keep the documents in freezers for this purpose. The stumbling block with this method is that the documents would not be available for a long time.

Vacuum freeze-drying is another process utilized to dry water damaged documents. Get your freezing papers to a place equipped with a vacuum section. The papers must remain on ice while they are in being transported to the shop. The documents are put into the vacuum section and dried while still frozen. The water loaded in the documents is changed from a frozen condition into a gas condition. The vapor then evaporates, leaving the essential documents dry once again.

Vacuum thermal-drying is another method to dry those significant papers. This method is even less expensive than vacuum freeze-drying and because of the cost factor might be a better selection for the less significant documents. This method works by placing papers into a vacuum chamber and drawing a vacuum. Then, hot air is moved to the chamber, followed by another vacuum application that draws the moisture out of the documents. With all the methods accessible it should be feasible to renew even your most hard to handle documents.

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